WordCamp Orlando 2014

Last weekend, I attended and spoke at WordCamp Orlando and brought along Hieu Tran.

The delivery of my presentation wasn’t stellar and ended up only lasting about 15-20 minutes…

But, with 15+ minutes of questions and some love on Twitter, I feel that the topic was definitely of interest to the WordPress users in the audience.

Here are a few tweets I received.

For those interested, you can find the slides on SpeakerDeck and some code samples on Github.

Universal Studios

No trip to Orlando can be complete without a trip to one the theme parks that the city is famous for.

So, on Saturday afternoon, Hieu and I decided to visit Universal Studios.

Users Do the Damnedest Things

I had a good laugh over this tweet yesterday when I read -1 beers. After all, who the hell orders negative beers?

But as I thought more about the tweet, it struck a chord with me.

While the tweet was meant as a joke, it pointed out the fact that we, as developers, have to ruthlessly test our software and assume that users:

  1. Have no idea how to use our software
  2. Are intentionally trying to melt our servers

Tech User

Example: Uploading 1700+ Images at Once

As a developer, I would seriously doubt that anyone would ever want to upload 1700+ images at once through a web interface.

But, as a user, I found myself doing exactly that today after I found out that cloud drive has unlimited free photo storage for prime users!

Amazon Cloud Drive Upload


For me, this Tweet served as a reminder that I should test my code not only how it should be used, but how it might be used.