Moar Afremov Art

Today, Sara and I received a shipment of three Afremov prints from

I bought my first oil painting by Afremov about a year ago, and to this day, I’m still in love with his style.

Several years ago, I wouldn’t have considered paying for a painting. But I gladly keep buying paintings and prints by Afremov.

JavaScript Masterclass | JSConfUS 2013

This past Friday night, a coworker on Mercury, Enej Bajgoric, shared this video of Angelina Fabbro speaking at JSConfUS 2013.

Based on the title of the video, I was certain that I would come away with a more advanced understanding of closures or some other JavaScript topic.

But, I was pleasantly surprised that the video was non-technical. Instead, Angelina talked about topics such as:

  • What makes a good programmer?
  • What level programmer am I?
  • Are there natural programmers?
  • How to get from intermediate programmer to expert programmer.

The video is just over 22 minutes and, in my opinion, well worth the time it takes to watch.

Engineering Customer Service at

I’ve previously written articles about becoming a code wrangler and my experience of working at Automattic.

If you happened across my article but were more interested in what it meant to be a happiness engineer at Automattic, Olark recently wrote an article about customer service at

My favorite part of the article was this paragraph where Andrew Spittle talked about a memorable encounter that he had with a customer.

Then the other experience for me personally that stands out is talking with a customer, and ultimately, the issue they were running into was not something we could fix. They were going to have to go contact their domain registrar. When we broke this news to them, they said, “Oh. I don’t want to go contact my domain registrar, because they don’t have Happiness Engineers. They have Gestapos of Grief.”

Source: Olark Live Chat – Engineering Customer Service at

There’s nothing like…

I don’t know where it started, but Hero has a new habit of commenting “There’s nothing like {insert some object or activity here}”.

We went to get fried chicken for dinner the other day, and as is customary, we had rolls with honey. Hero commented, “there’s nothing like bread and honey.” 

bread and honey 

This past Sunday, we all went to Hastings to have some coffee and do a bit of (school)?work.

Hero has twisted his ankle earlier in the day while running. So, when we got to Hastings, we asked for a small bag of ice to put on his ankle.

Hero commented, “there’s nothing like putting my foot on the table with ice.”